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Our Wood

Kids Carpentry Supplies has been supplying early childhood centres, kindergartens, preschools, and playcentres with wood for use on their carpentry and craft tables since 2007. Our wood is 100% untreated, clean, dry and is NOT recycled.

All our wood has been personally and carefully hand picked direct from the sawmill source, and then further milled to ensure a top quality product with a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures. This process ensures that the product you receive is safe and free from any dangerous contaminants such as paint, treatment chemicals, broken and dangerous timber, or other nasties.

“Your wood is the best! The wood is nice and small and comes in various shapes, we’ve made robots, bird houses, christmas tree’s and abstract art with the wood. Thank you so much for the service too, excellent.”
— Small Oaks Auckland

The macrocarpa and pine timber we use is grown locally in New Zealand. Both are considered "soft woods" which are the easiest species for children to begin their carpentry journey with.

Our wood is organic, untreated and is safe for children if they decide they want to see how it tastes! 

Our wood is compatible with all other craft materials commonly used in early childhood centres and schools such as PVA glue, hot glue guns, paint, dyes etc. 

The wood is delivered to your centre in a large sack weighing approximately 18 kg and holding at least 100 pieces of wood.

Our tools, hardware, safety gear & accessories.

Along with our wood, we offer a wide range of tools that are especially designed for children. These will add extra interest and skill building opportunities to your carpentry and tinkering areas and are perfect for honing those fine motor skills.

We also stock nails, screws, wheels, safety gear and other fun accessories to really bring your carpentry area alive! 

We love saving you time and money!                                                                                                                                      Our products have been time tested in early childhood centres across NZ. We've taken the guesswork out of ensuring you have the most suitable and safest options for young hands and inquisitive minds.  We have done the research so that you can relax and trust us as your one stop carpentry shop!

Convenience - Delivered direct to your door

For your convenience our products can be delivered direct to your door throughout New Zealand.

Despite the size and weight of our product, we strive to keep shipping costs as low as possible and utilise well established courier companies to give you prompt delivery after your order is placed.

Delivery cost for the wood is on a per-sack basis. Tools, hardware and accessories will usually need to be shipped separately from the wood to ensure they are not damaged in transit.

Please see the map below to determine which shipping zone you are in. Please ensure you select the correct shipping zone for your delivery address when checking out. Failure to do so will result in delays of your order being shipped.  Please note there is a surcharge for rural addresses within the Green and Red Delivery Zones. Please ensure you select the rural delivery option when you complete your purchase if your address is rural.  




About us

Based on the beautiful Hibiscus coast, north of Auckland, Kids Carpentry Supplies is a small business owned and operated by Lisa McGlashan.  

My family own Cypress Sawmill in Dairy Flat and while working there I had a few early childhood teachers come in asking for wood offcuts for their centres.  All that the sawmill had to offer in the way of offcuts was firewood. This wasn’t suitable for what the teachers wanted so off they went, continuing on their search for a supply of suitable wood.

Growing up I had always had an interest in being an early childhood teacher.  Being surrounded by wood all my life I also had a great passion for making things out of it.  I could see an opportunity to bring both of these interests together by offering an obviously much needed service to the early childhood sector and parents alike.

That was in 2007 and our customer base has continued to grow ever since, largely by word of mouth. Teachers love that we are a reliable source of wood all year round. It takes away the time and hassle of having to source it themselves. If you are within the North Island of New Zealand we can deliver direct to your door.  


As I am hands on working in the sawmill I am able to select out the most suitable pieces of wood.  After hours you will often find me sorting through the wood piles and further milling the wood to bring you a top quality selection of different sizes, shapes and textures that are sure to bring your child’s imagination to life.

Woodwork provides so many unique learning and development experiences for young children. It encourages creative thinking, maths skills, scientific investigation, physical development and coordination, developing language and vocabulary, and much more. It also has the potential to build self-esteem and confidence.

I am proud to be able to offer this service to the early childhood sector and also to parents who want to use the wood with their children at home.

I also have a Facebook page which is full of ideas, tips and advice on doing carpentry with pre-schoolers. This is a great resource for teachers and parents. Please feel free to check it out.